King Andrew Symonds sort out the issue between Sky and Sid: Bigg Boss 5

In the last episode Bigg Boss gave all the housemates a weekly task in which Andrew Symonds is made the King of the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss appoints Sky, Siddharth and Amarr as the soldiers who need to accompany the king all the time, and Sunny Leone as Andrew Symonds’s personal advisor.

Later in the day while performing the task Symonds sternly tells Pooja Misrra that she was not doing a nice job in translating everything and warns her that if she doesn’t buck up then he would be forced to take action against her. Pooja Misrra apologises to Symonds and promises to do a better job.

Later at night when Siddharth was supposed to stand beside the bed of King Symonds, Siddharth wakes up Amar to do his job. When Sky notices this he blames Siddharth for not doing his job well and waking up Amar for no reason. Siddharth retaliates and the two got into a very heated argument. Symonds and the rest of the housemates wake up due to the commotion and eventually Symonds sorts out this issue temporarily and sends everyone to sleep.