Bigg Boss 5 inmates elect Shraddha Sharma as the new captain

This week in the Bigg Boss house, Pooja Mishra and Shraddha Sharma were named as the leading
contenders for captaincy, after Shonali Nagrani as a captain failed to keep up the harmony in the house.
And with more votes from inmates against Pooja Mishra, Shraddha Sharma was elected as new captain
in Bigg Boss house.

Seems the inmates were sure of their decision to make Pooja their captain for the week. However,
Pooja’s short tempered nature and indifferent attitude made the inmates reconsider their decision.
Juhi Parmar, Akashdeep Sehgal, Siddharth and Mandeep Bevli voted for Pooja Mishra and rest all other
housemates voted for Shraddha Sharma. However Pooja did not seem happy with the outcome of the
election since she did not react much after the results.

As it’s becoming all fights and no love in Bigg Boss house, what will be interesting to note is how
Shraddha Sharma will tackle the innumerable problems in the Bigg Boss 5 house. Well it sure will be a
fun week to watch!