Indira and Rishi to Take on Khukreja in Hitler Didi

Inder Sharma demands Indira to give his money back. But Indira challenges him that she will get her house back. Chaudhary and Rishi are with her, but the rest of the family support Inder Sharma. Indira makes plan to trick Khukreja into giving them the house back. They plan to meet him while pretending to be a wealthy party from London. Chaudhary decides to play part of the buyer, while Rishi will play his assistant. The mild rivalry between Chaudhary and Rishi causes some problems between Rishi and Indira, but they sort them out.

In the next episode, Chaudhary, pretending to be the wealthy NRI go to meet Khukreja with Rishi. Khukreja hints that he would like to meet Chaudhary’s family when he visits the house that he is buying.

Another problem? Now, where will Indira, Rishi and Chaudhary bring a family from?