Huge drama awaits audience in ‘Chhal- Sheh Aur Maat’

The drama is beginning to build up with Neha’s husband Rishi, being abducted by Kabir in Colors’ ‘Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat’. Neha, with all her efforts has still not been successful in locating the whereabouts of her husband with whom she is planning to escape.

Will she succeed in finding her husband, forms the crux of the coming episodes. In the coming episodes, Kabir will be shown as celebrating his birthday party at the very same place, where he has kept Rishi captive.

Neha, who is also at the party will manage to locate Rishi and flee with him,  but will she succeed in escaping is what the viewers will have to wait and watch.

Abhishek Malik who plays the role of Rishi, confirmed said viewers will witness interesting twists and turns in the future episodes.