Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Akshara’s Baby Gets in Trouble

Laksh gets trapped inside the car. Akshara panics and starts crying. Naitik brings the duplicate keys on time and rescues Laksh. Naitik’s mother blames Akshara for this. Akshara tells her that she also loves her son as much and she should not blame her for everything. Naitik hears this and scolds Akshara for misbehaving with his mother. Akshara apologizes to her. Back home, Naitik’s mother is still blaming Akshara, but Tauji and Naitik’s father tell her that it was just an accident and she should not blame anyone.

Akshara cries and repents on what has happened. Naitik consoles her. At night, Naitik talks to Bhabhi Maa and tells her that he is feeling guilty for scolding Akshara.

Next morning, Naitik’s mother is still angry with Akshara. Bhabhi Maa tells everyonethat her brother is coming to visit them.

In the next episode, Bhabhi Maa is trying to explain to Naitik’s mother that it was not Akshara’s fault, but before she can say anything, Naitik’s mother says that it is a mother’s duty to keep the baby safe and she should have been more careful.

Will Naitik’s mother understand Akshara’s point of view?