Raja Chaudhary declines Bigg Boss 5 offer!

Bigg Boss Season 5 is grabbing a lot of eyeballs lately with lots of drama and cat
fights becoming the order of the day. And buzz is that in order to spice up the show, former inmate
of Bigg Boss House Raja Chaudhary was approached by the makers to enter the house on his former
girlfriend Shraddha Sharma’s birthday. However Raja reportedly declined the offer to be inside the

While Raja Chaudhary claims Shraddha is still his girlfriend, she has always maintained that they are
just good friends and that she has put behind the Raja Chaudhary chapter. So to bank on this drama
quotient along with Shraddha Sharma, Raja was approached by the production house, but he preferred
not to face her in the house.

Incidentally last year Ali Merchant also entered the Bigg Boss house on his girlfriend Sara Khan’s
birthday and they ended up marrying on the show. And of course the rest is history, but the TRPs gained
a lot during their stint. Well may be seeing Shraddha Sharma’s real avatar on the show nowadays, may
be Raja thought its rather safe to stay away from the show.