Balika Vadhu – Gauri Reveals The Hidden Secret

Badi Maasi advises Gauri to stay a little a distant from Jagiya. She is about to tell her about Jagiya and Anandi’s marriage anniversary party, but Sumitra stops her. Gauri taunts Sumitra after Badi Maasi leaves. Jagiya’s mother tells Gauri that Jagiya still loves his family and is still attached to all of them. Gauri throws away the snacks that Sumitra has brought for her. Gauri starts crying and Jagiya consoles her.

Gauri is about to leave, when Badi Maasi brings Anandi dressed in a beautiful sari. She praises both of them. She tells her about the marriage anniversary party Gauri is not able to tolerate all this. She starts to scream and tells Badi Maasi the truth. She also tells her about the baby.

In the next episode, Gauri tries to provoke Jagiya against his family and Jagiya yells at her. Badi Maasi is shocked to hear all this and faints. Everybody is shocked to see this.

Will Badi Maasi be able to survive this shock?